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My Favorite Food Spot In Piriapolis, Uruguay
April 11, 2015
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Uruguay is known for having great meat but after several days of eating meat every day, it was all starting to taste the same… then I had Lomo in Piriapolis.

Back in 2007, my wife and I stayed at a fantastic little estancia near Piriapolis called, Quebrada del Castillo on route 37. It’s a quaint little place a short drive from the Atlantic with lots of character. While there, we relaxed, swam in the pool and went horseback riding to a small nearby cero with a fantastic view of Piriapolis and the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the best pieces of meat I had while in Uruguay was at Quebrada del Castillo. It was a piece of Lomo prepared by Charo, a sweet senora that works at the estancia. What is lomo? Lomo is beef tenderloin and this particular dish of Lomo was amazing and served with a side of fries and veggies.

I am not against eating meat every day and in Uruguay you will find that to be the case. After all, there are three cows to every person in Uruguay, so what do you expect? The one thing I was not prepared for on that trip was that all the restaurants had pretty much the same exact offering. A lot of meat, more meat, fries, bread, 3-5 pasta dishes, Coca-Cola, water and two local pilsner beer choices. After days of eating the same thing, I was shocked to find a meat that could stand out so much with the right flavors and textures among all the similar dishes we had over the course of our trip. We liked the food so much, we decided to stay a second night just for the food!

Next time you are in the Piriapolis area, I highly recommend stopping in for a dish, even if you will not be staying the night. Call in advance to ensure they will be able to accommodate your requests, especially in low-season. If you are a fan of pasta, request the spaghetti with tomato sauce and black olives, also the best pasta dish I had while in Uruguay.

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