Book Review – “At Home Anywhere” by Rob Robideau
August 31, 2015
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At Home Anywhere Rob Robideau

At Home Anywhere: Six Proven Expat Secrets for Making Yourself At Home in Any Foreign Country”

By: Rob Robideau

My expectations were surpassed on this read. Rob has a way of addressing the basics and foundation that everyone moving abroad should address. If there was a 101 class for expats, this would probably be it. I would consider it part of my manifesto. I also like the length – not too short, not too long!

Here are a few of the key take aways I got out of the book.

• The substance of a country is the people – not things like food, clothes or government.

• Ask stupid questions. Don’t be embarrassed, they are necessary.

• Your intuition is useless. You are conditioned with an understanding from the culture you were raised in. Learn and understand the new culture you are surrounded in.

• Ask why (to everything!)

• Make a list of the great things you like back home – how did you discover them there? Now try to recreate that in your new location.

• Stay out of your comfort zone.

• Tackle personal goals that you have previously avoided.

• Call it home.

• Have neutral expectations. Positive or negative – remain neutral.

• Follow the local crowd in dealing with problems.

About author

Lain Livingston

Lain Livingston

Lain is passionate about informing aspiring expats about the pros and the cons of life abroad while exposing as many Americans as possible to the idea of experiencing countries and cultures beyond the surface. Married to a half Ecuadorian – half Italian, with family in Ecuador, Italy, England, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, Lain’s experiences abroad tend to be immersive.

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