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Book Review – “Retiring to the Philippines” by Gary McMurrain
August 25, 2015
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Retiring to the Philippines: The Best Move You Will Ever Make!”

By: Gary McMurrain

I don’t have much knowledge or experience with the Philippines. I found this quick read to be a wonderful first introduction to the possibilities of the Philippines being a great destination to move abroad. Gary does a fantastic job of highlighting the advantages and what he likes about living there. Things like language, a lower cost of living, medical care, cuisine and community activities. I do wish he would also address any potential negatives or struggles he has experienced while there. I feel like the book scratches the surface and doesn’t go into a ton of details but if the Philippines are on your list of potential expat destinations, I would definitely give this a read.

PS – I also discovered that Gary has written additional books and I plan to read and review in the future as well. Their titles are as follows:

The Expat Guide to Doing Business in the Philippines

The Expat Guide to Visas for the Philippines

Tales of the Expat Life in the Philippines

About author

Lain Livingston

Lain Livingston

Lain is passionate about informing aspiring expats about the pros and the cons of life abroad while exposing as many Americans as possible to the idea of experiencing countries and cultures beyond the surface. Married to a half Ecuadorian – half Italian, with family in Ecuador, Italy, England, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, Lain’s experiences abroad tend to be immersive.

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