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Safety for Expats… Oh the Paranoia
September 5, 2015
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Safety for Expats

I remember a night when I came across a short post in a popular Facebook group for Expats in Ecuador. A member posted a simple question asking what all the police activity was in the popular expat city of Cuenca because there were a lot of cops with lights at many of the street intersections.


My initial thoughts were negative. I started doubting the safety of the country and if it is somewhere I really want to consider moving my family or not. As I read the comments posted by other members, I was quickly comforted to learn that all the police activity was generated due to the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa being in town to give a speech. It was nothing more than a presidential brigade.


Safety Is An Issue…

I am not saying that Ecuador or other countries are without crime, but I was embarrassed with myself that I so quickly jumped to negative conclusions and for my paranoia of safety for expats.
Usually, when I find myself making excuses or justifications like that, it means that whatever I am trying to run away from is exactly what I need to be running towards.

Have you been delaying your own move abroad for some kind of hurdle or obstacle like safety? I would love to hear about it.

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Lain Livingston

Lain Livingston

Lain is passionate about informing aspiring expats about the pros and the cons of life abroad while exposing as many Americans as possible to the idea of experiencing countries and cultures beyond the surface. Married to a half Ecuadorian – half Italian, with family in Ecuador, Italy, England, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, Lain’s experiences abroad tend to be immersive.

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